In Search of Heroes

To save a Horse....

You remember the story of Steve, right Gigantor? I remember it like it just happened! We were crawling through the thick forest, searching for the Slavers of the great Steve, Horse of Wonder…. What do you mean we were ambushing a caravan? Whatever… So as we lurked forward Soon-to-Be’s armor was clinking all over and Aedric was mouthing his words of power. The clinking was so obnoxious that Aedric misspoke, saying something that sounded a lot like “Poo” which made me giggle a bit. Needless to say, the Iron Circle disapproved of such language and launched a sharp bolt right towards Soon-to-Be who just stood there and took it… one of many he just stood there for. I’m unsure of his technique, for a bit he looked like he was in pretty poor condition, but he just pulled through.

Then Aedric stepped upon the rocks an blasted them with the power of “Poo”… well fire, I just imagined he said it again, ee. Anyways, he left them all real toasted before, with a flip of his cape; he disappeared behind the mountain again. Only, the Iron circle didn’t appreciate it as much as some charge away from their master to hunt Aedric. Soon-to-be tried to be Aedric’s defender, but the archers and master locked him down with bolts and dark magic, but Soon-to-be was not Soon-to-be-dead, well not this time. The earth itself rose with the drops of his blood, forming a earthen armor, I particularly enjoyed the flower that rose on a dirt mound floating near his head. Each mound of dirt taking bolts! He was Soon-to-be-Art…. With a big hammer!

Do you remember yourself Gigantor, flashing through the weaves of the Feywild, letting little butteflies flutter as you swung elegantly against the robo-dog and his keeper, unphased by their rude fighting techniques, or the arrows flinging past towards the Iron Circle Leader. Pew Pew the arrows went. The master, redirected his aim from Soon-to-be’s decorative flower to Leaf under the tree, ee. Leaf, tree… anyways, the master launched flaming balls to burn up Leaf, who began to look really cindered, each arrow losing its potency with the holes being burned into him. The battlefield was a dangerous, fire and arrows arcing across the time. I had to make my move! After launching some distractive shots and backing up Gigantor, I flipped away from the barrage of artillery and charged into the Master, with precise timing and Soon-to-be providing the distraction I need I shoved my pommel of my blade to the back of Steve’s keeper’s neck, knocking himself cold. Pleased with my accomplishment, I watched as the battle was won by my allies. Steve, the mighty Horse, was freed!

I collected the head of the robo-dog for some fun puppetry, Ba-ark Ba-ark! We woke up Frank, as I named him, and the dwarf seemed very upset with Frank… well after finding some weapons and such with runic script. I tried to calm everyone down with some excellent ventriloquism, but Soon-to-be was on a roll and nothing could stop him, so the others stayed quiet. Soon-to-be tore up a symbol from an Iron Circle cape, telling Frank to bring it to his master (with his hands bound and no weapons) as he shoved the torn symbol into Frank’s pocket and sent him on his way. Ba-arrrrk. So we grabbed Steve and the cash and here we are!!!. Ba-ark ba-ark. Yes it was a good story…. Gigantor…. Where did you go….? Wait for me!!!!!!


A fantasmagorical peice of gnomish fancy, fabricated as only the rainbowiferous Gordy could! High praise my smurfy friend!

To save a Horse....

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