In Search of Heroes

I Spy with my little...giant eye.

After waylaying the Iron Circle caravan and taking their goods with us, we reported back to Dar Greymath in Albridge. We then took part in a rather heated meeting with the resistance. Uncle Willet was there and like usual he couldn’t keep himself from embarrassing me.

The meeting ended with us travelling to the southeast to enlist the help of a nearby tribe of Elves. After some time on the road, we came across Marl. The small town was now just a shell, empty and burned out after the Iron Circle raids.

As we passed by, we were ambushed by large canine like humanoids. Gnolls. Bloody Gnolls. And that was the least of our troubles. From the well rose one of the most horrifying creatures I’ve ever laid eyes on! A giant floating eye with stalks sprouting from it that ended in more, smaller eyes. Naturally, fighting ensued.

After a bloody combat we all emerged alive, if not unscathed. And we continued past the dead town.


Kaaaaaw! Behold! The Eye!

I Spy with my little...giant eye.

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