In Search of Heroes

Adventure Awakes After it's 100 Year Slumber

AHHHH! How glorious the Sun rose over the distant peaks this mornin’! Moradin’s Blessings shine upon this day! Memories of great feast and strong spirits, of song, dance, laughter and brawls from last nights celebration lingered in my thoughts as I began my preparations for today’s journey.

’Twas with honor and respect that I humbly accepted the equiptment my family brough for me to bear on my travels. Pride and tradition from days of old woven among the braids of my beard, stamped upon fine hardened leather, forged inside tempered steel, and engraved within precious metals and gemstones.

For 100 years I have lived, but it is on this day that my life truly begins. It is the dawn of a new century, a new era, and a new chapter in the Deepdelve clan Saga!

I passed many travelers on my way to Harkenwold, gleaming with the glory of fine Dwarven craftsmanship. There were three, however, who really stood out among the rest, and who I now travel aside. All of them young and new to this world, certainly with the taste of their mother’s milk still fresh on their lips! BAAHAHAHA! I have only lived to be 100 years young, and already I’m beginning to feel as old as the ore in the earth accompanying these lads!

The Eladrin, Imerral Feycrown, hails from the Feywild. An esteemed Knight of his land, now trapped in the Natural Plain. He seems displeased here, rather proud of his home world. I’m sure that will change in a matter of moments if he ever has the chance to behold the Majesty of the Dawnforge Mountains! He appears very much hungry, perhaps when he got trapped here he lost his food. Perhaps tomorrow night I’ll split rations with him, ’lad needs it more than an old Dwarf like me!

Leaf Reedfoot, a Halfling, was raised deep in the forest amongst an old ranger tribe. He’s on hell of a shot with a bow, and a gourmet cook to boot! The pleasant aromas rising from the rabbit he roasted over our fire rivaled that of yesterday’s feast! He has a rather strange pet, or is, perhaps, the pet of, a mysterious winged cat. It is quite the sight to see these two interact, makes for a rather entertaining time, if not a noisy interruption to an otherwise quiet night!

The final acquaintance is Aedric Stargloom, a young human. He claims to come from a place known as The Old Hills, which seems to distress and confuse the halfling. Poor lad’s covered from head to toe in somewhat musty hand-me-downs and old rags, not much of a talker, and seems rather out of place next to three trained warriors. Certainly there must be something in him I have yet to see for him to be here on this fateful day, but in the mean time, I’ll make sure to keep him safe, wouldn’t want a fresh young lad cut down before he makes something of himself by some opportunistic bandit.

On our way out of the forest, we caught a glimpse of some heavily armed men, war hounds by their sides, setting fire to a small house in the distance. I could hear the distressed cries of a young woman inside. Sickening, what kind of world we live in now where spineless brigands like that can prey on the weak. I will not stand for this! With this mighty hammer and shield, I will smite them with justice, this steel will at last have a chance to taste vile blood spilled in the name of Moradin! It is with this first act, that the Deepdelve name will echo once more across the ears of the wicked, striking back the old fears, terror, and respect it once Carried! For the Dwanforge! For Moradin! Like thunder through the mountains eternal, Deepdelve rings with Might and Honor!



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